We have 2 Sunday services at 11am, and at 6.15pm. Each Service lasts just over one hour, with the morning service including welcoming and encouraging our children, who join in the main service for a short time. Prior to the 11am service, we have our Sunday School at 10am, where the focus is entirely on the children. All visitors are most welcome, and those who wish to attend will always be met and welcomed by members of the church, and shown into the church before services start. Our services are conducted in English, and consist of prayers, readings and hymns/worship songs, along with a short sermon. We are all encouraged to take our thoughts out into our everyday lives, and to pass on love and support for others in need. There is no dress code, and worship is conducted in a family-friendly manner. Everyone joins together as a congregation. At the end of evening worship, there is a chance to have tea/coffee and a chat together, for those who wish to stay for a little while longer, although this is entirely optional. Holy Communion is held within the morning/evening service on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month respectively.